Department "Oncogenesis and new concepts in oncology (ONCO)" 


Team 14: Endothelium radiobiology and targeting


Team description

Keywords: Radiotherapy, vascular response, sphingolipid, mathematical modeling


The Team 14 of the Cancer Research Center Nantes-Angers studies the involvement of endothelial cells during the tumor response or the normal tissue toxicity. This research on fundamental and preclinical radiobiology will be integrated into a multiparametric mathematical model linking the induction of our molecular actors and the radioinduced anti-tumor response. The aim is to understand new pharmacological or immunological strategies modulating the response to radiotherapy treatments.


Expertises / technical competence


Radiobiology/ Radiotherapy

Cell signaling

Lipid biochemistry


Technical competence

Lipidomic, phenomique

Signal transduction

Antibody engineering

Stereoxatic radiotherapy


Grand Ouest

O. Acosta, LTSI, Inserm U1099, Rennes



S. Rivera, Service de Radiothérapie, IGR, Paris

JL Perfettini, Inserm UMR 1230, IGR Paris

L. Sabatier, LRO Team - Institut de biologie François Jacob – CEA, Fontenay aux Roses



B. Sorensen, Aarhus University, Aarhus, Denmark

E. Hadchiti, Univ. Libanaise, Hadhat, Liban

R. Kolesnick, MSKCC, NY, USA

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