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CIMIAD: Control of Iron Metabolism and Iron-Associated Diseases 


Team description

Keywords:Iron, Metals, hepcidin, ferroportin, ICP/MS, Liver, Bone, Cancer, oxidative stress


    Disturbances in iron homeostasis affect well-being and life expectancy. Thus, both iron excess or iron deficiencies are deleterious by for a large number of organs.


The role of iron excess in the development of cancer, especially liver cancer, has been strongly suggested. Moreover, the impact of systemic and tumoral cell iron status (excess or deficiency) has been reported to impact the speed of cancer progression as well as in the efficacy of antineoplastic treatments.


The aim of the team is to identify the mechanisms involved in the variability of iron metabolism both at systemic and cellular level, especially in tumoral cells, and to characterize the links with tumor occurrence and progression. We are especially studying the interaction of iron metabolism with other metals and the impact of digestive microbiota on iron parameters.


This allows an integrative approach by : i) using original in vitro and in vivo models, ii) developing original tools within platforms devoted to metal quantification, histopathology, bioinformatics and iii) operating translational research through interactions with the biological resource center and links with physicians (hepatologists, rheumatologists, odontologists).

Expertises / technical competence


  • Iron metabolism and diseases
  • Liver diseases
  • Rheumatology
  • Microbiology
  • Odontology



  • In vitro and in vivo models Cell biology,
  • Molecular biology,
  • Biochemistry
  • Functional tests for intracellular iron metabolism
  • ICP-MS : quantification of metals on AEM2 platform (
  • Biofilms
  • Culture of anaerobic bacteria


Grand Ouest

- D Chappard, Angers; UPRES EA 4658, Angers



- MP Roth, Genetic and regulation of iron metabolism, IRSD, Toulouse

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