Team description

Keywords: Breast Cancer, human oestrogen receptor, endocrine disruptors, biofluids fast diagnostic, micropollutants, cocktail effects


Our research team is specialized in the impact of the environment on the human health and pays special attention to molecules which interact with physiological systems as the endocrine disruptors of pesticides, fungicides or industrial additive (plasticizers, …). We develop different molecular and cellular models (HUVEC, MCF7 cells lines, in vitro, in tubo assays) to evaluate either cyto- or eco-toxicity of these compounds.


Three axes are currently developped :

• Endocrine disruptors (mechanisms of breast cancer, OEDT assays for food, cosmetic, packaging)

• Methodology of infrared based health diagnostic from biofluids (hepatitis, septic shocks, blade cancers)

• Biomonitoring of the littoral environment (detection and cocktail effect of micropollutants)


We have developed skills in biophysical applications for studying DNA-protein and protein-protein interactions in solutions through fluorescence anisotropy, time-resolved and stopped-flow methodologies, in medical diagnostic from vibrational spectroscopy (Infrared, Raman) along with statistical analyses for identifying Biomarkers networks as signatures of particular states (critic or pre-critic) of hepatic and inflammatory diseases.

Expertises / technical competence

• Molecular Binding (thermodynamics, kinetics, conformational)

• Recombinant proteins, protein purification • Cytotoxicity

• Bioassay of endocrine disruptors (OEDT)

• Methodology of biofluids based biomedical diagnostic

• Screening of molecular banks

• Stationary and time-resolved fluorescence spectroscopy Laser confocal and epifluorescence microscopies

• Vibrational microspectroscopies (Mid infrared and Raman)

• Mutltivariate analyses (ACP, HCA, LDA, R-PLS, Genetic algorithm)


INSERM U191: NASH diagnostic

SBR: impact of micropollutants on cell cycle

INRA (STLO) : supramolecular protein organizations

CHU Tours : Identification of pre-leukemic states

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IRDL, Université Bretagne Sud

Campus de Tohannic
BP573, 56017 Vannes CEDEX